The Access Project

The Access Project (“TAP”) can help you reduce legal risk and meet business goals in a direct, straight-forward way. TAP is a legal subscription service for creative entrepreneurs and small businesses that want to grow and protect their businesses without making expensive legal and business mistakes.

For just one low monthly price, enjoy:

  • Quick answers to your simple questions via email or our secure client portal.

  • Membership pricing on legal services

  • Exclusive membership resources like videos, checklists, contract clauses, and more

  • Membership rates for Premium law firm events like the Start Right Conference, and

  • Exclusive community access.



Peace of mind does not have to be complicated…

The truth is most people know that having a lawyer on their side would help them, but believe that finding a lawyer that is trustworthy would be to difficult or expensive. Most creative entrepreneurs and business owners believe:

  1. Lawyers make things to complicated,

  2. Legal bills are just to high, and

  3. They don’t have important legal or business needs.

Ultimately, they are afraid, but it does not have to be that way.

Lawyers simply don’t have the best reputation when it comes to meeting the needs of regular everyday business people. It’s true the law is complicated and can be expensive…but that’s not always the case and taking those chances can be extremely risky.

As a lawyer, I often meet people when things have gone terribly, terribly wrong:

  • The best friend/business partner has become a business nightmare and you want her out,

  • Your customer is angry and threatening to sue you and ruin your business' reputation,

  • After months and money dedicated to building a brand, you are sued because you have no rights to your dream name or trademark because someone else used it first.

These are real challenges business owners face everyday, but it doesn't have to be this way. These problems are preventable and could be avoided with advice from a legal professional.


Practical Help to Protect Your Business

One google search about hiring a business attorney will bring up millions of articles explaining the benefits of having a lawyer on your team, however, this project provides a few unique benefits. After subscribing to this service, you’ll discover services that

  • Answer the quick questions that if ignored could cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars,

  • Save you time by making complex legal issues easy to understand without hours of legal research on your end,

  • Help you foresee potential pitfalls and disastrous situations before they happen, and

  • Inspire you to take action and stay focused in a complicated business and legal world by connecting you with a lawyer who really cares about your business success.




Legal Access and Support for Creative and Solo Entrepreneurs

The Access Project was created for you if:

  • You are the owner of a creative business and you’ve come across simple business and legal issues you wish you could get quick answers to but have found attorneys to be inaccessible or complicated.

  • You’ve just started converting your hobby into a sustainable business, but you’re not quite big enough to afford brining an attorney onto you team full time.

  • You genuinely want to make the best business and legal decisions, but are too embarrassed or overwhelmed to reach out to an attorney.

  • You don’t know what you don’t know and are scared that you could be making expensive legal mistakes.