TOS 17: Fresh Start in Your Business--This Saturday!

I'm very excited to be presenting at  Fresh Start for Your Business hosted by Bosses In Heels on Saturday, June 18th The ladies in charge of this event are absolutely amazing! And I can't hide how excited I am to be presenting with my sister, mentor, and friend, Vivian Jokotade.

One of the things that's extremely important to me as an attorney and as a person is providing value so I've spent a lot of time thinking about the type of information I can give the participants that will actually make a difference in their lives. I've focused on identifying what my audience's biggest fears are as well as their biggest dreams. 

My experience tells me that when it comes to owning your own business, the biggest fears are:

  • making a mistake you won't be able to overcome,
  • wasting money instead of making money,
  • and losing time you can't get back.

On the flip side, everyone business owner I've met dreams of:

  • making money (obviously),
  • creating a legacy or reputation that speaks for itself, and
  • enjoying the process.

While I can't tell you what I'm going to be speaking on, I can say that it will address these fears and dreams. 

In the meantime, let me know: what are YOUR biggest fears and dreams as a small business owner? You can leave a comment or send me a message at 

Finally, tickets are $35 and are available here, on eventbrite.  

Temi SiyanbadeComment