Why You Really Do Need an Attorney

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"Most entrepreneurs don't know where they aren't protected."

When he said that, it clicked. As a small business lawyer, I love helping people build successful organizations that they love, but I am consistently surprised by how many times business owners make unnecessary risky decisions. 

Yes, going into business is risky...Trust me I know, but that doesn't mean that you have to constantly fly by the seat of your pants. That's foolishness and it is simply not what the true successes do. 

The real business success stories stem from individuals and organizations who take unique, but CALCULATED RISKS. They have vision and do things that differ from their peers, but these decisions only come after assessing, testing, and counting the costs. Malcolm Gladwell calls this the "rational pursuit of a sure thing."

Now this is where a business lawyer comes in. A business attorney helps you count those unforeseen costs and come up with a plan in order to pursue that SURE THING. To be more specific, a good business attorney will do more than just help you write up a document. A good business attorney will:

  • help you evaluate whether the location your choosing will be most conducive to growing your business and maintaining a healthy financial state,
  • evaluate whether potential vendors are taking advantage of you,
  • negotiate agreements between clients and third party suppliers to ensure that both sides are satisfied,
  • identify areas where you can cut costs,
  • help connect you with others that may benefit your business growth,  and
  • So much more.

Accept this as a personal plea from someone who wants to see you succeed. Do business differently and get a lawyer to help you make better decisions. You won't regret it.