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The Law Office of Temi Siyanbade is dedicated to providing representation that embodies our core values. Whether you're seeking legal help to start your business or to defend yourself from charges brought against you in court, this law firm is ready to fight for you. Explore our different practice areas and industries below.


Business Matters

Business Matters

Establish your business, protect your name, and keep your profits 

Identify your legal needs and keep your business protected with our services. Find help:

  • Understand your business entity choices between the sole proprietorship, the LLC, the S-Corporation, and the corporation (also known as the C-Corp), 
  • Reduce legal liability,
  • Decrease tax responsibility,
  • Provide maximum management flexibility, 
  • Protect your intellectual property through trademark registration and copyright registration, and
  • Review, develop, and use contracts to protect yourself with vendors, clients, and customers.