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What you don't know can actually hurt you...


As a lawyer, I often meet people when things have gone terribly, terribly wrong:

  • The best friend/business partner has become a business nightmare and you want her out,
  • Your customer is angry and threatening to sue you and ruin your business' reputation,
  • After months and money dedicated to building a brand, you realize that someone else has the name you and your customers have fallen in love with.

These are real challenges business owners face everyday, but it doesn't have to be this way. These problems are preventable. 

Prevention is better than cure.

My father has always told me that "prevention is better than cure" but after working with clients in different industries, I have found that we often struggle with taking preventive action. It's the same thing that happens when we think about taking steps to protect our health and finances. 

But we really cannot afford to wait. The costs to our businesses, our minds, and futures are too costly. Studies have shown that small businesses have paid over $100 billion dollars in paying legal related fees. 

The majority of those fees probably originated in problems that people thought they could handle themselves. 

Why should you take that risk?

The truth is how you start matters. When you choose to handle setting up your business yourself you run the risk of:

  • Choosing business structures and systems that will hurt your business down the line,
  • Paying more taxes then you really need to,
  • Making mistakes in your formation documents that leave you totally unprotected and exposed to lawsuits, and
  • much more.
How you start matters.

Our Business Setup Packages are tailored to help you avoid these preventable start up problems and establish business that will last. With our business packages, you will be able to:

  • stop wasting time sifting through complicated legal documents and terms you have no experience with,
  • Setup businesses with the right foundational structures and documents that you can scale up as you grow,
  • Connect with an experienced business attorney who will spend the time understanding YOUR specific business and will help you find legal solutions to achieve your business and personal goals, and
  • Understand your tax options as you begin for greater ease when working with your accountant, and
  • Focus on building your business and dreams.


Every service in our law firm begins with an assessment consultation where you and the attorney handling your case are able to really building a working relationship and understand the true goals of your business. 

Take the first step today. Let's talk.