The Firm's Philosophy

We believe that everyone has the capacity and ability to be great, and we mean everyone. Our law firm expresses this belief by working to remove barriers to greatness  in two practice areas: Business and Criminal Justice.

We have seen that these two areas face significant systemic barriers towards achieving greatness and we want to address them. We believe that we can address these issues and help our clients experience greater peace of mind by providing high quality legal services, exceptional dedication, innovative legal strategy, superior knowledge of the law, and unparalleled advocacy.

Our core values help us carry out that vision.


Core Values



Committed to the Best

We are committed to excellence. We are held to the highest level of ethical and professional standards. We are not satisfied with mediocrity and strive to be the best in our field in order to continue to deliver exceptional service. As we pursue excellence, we strive to inspire those around us to embrace it as well.


Trust Matters

We understand that trust is precious so we aim to work with clients in a way that honors the trust they have placed in this firm. Confidentiality, reliability, and accountability are the bedrocks of every client interaction because we value our clients as individuals and businesses capable of greatness.


Personalized Service

We don’t believe in a one-size fits all model of representation because we understand that every situation and person is unique. As a result, we think in, over, and out of the box. Our clients enjoy representation tailored to their specific needs and situations. Most importantly, we dare to push the envelop and do things differently.


We Care

Our clients are not mere numbers or contracts. They are real people, with real hopes, dreams and challenges. We understand that we may meet many of my clients during those difficult times and our goal is to help them not only make it through, but succeed. No one should be defined or limited by their circumstances.