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The Legal Store

Looking for business contracts, checklists, videos, and templates to protect your business? Look no further. Find attorney-created solutions you can trust to protect your business and put your mind at ease--without breaking the bank.

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The Legal Store

Avoid confusion and the get the legal tools to protect your business and set you apart as a serious business owner. 


GDPR: The Essential Small Business Guide is the kit you need to understand how to comply with the new regulation as a US based small business. This attorney crafted kit  is a collection of legal and business templates designed by a lawyer to help new business owners understand the new regulation and take the right steps to avoid costly fines and litigation under the new regulations.

It is the no-drama-starter kit that helps you:

  • Craft a clear and compliant privacy policy,

  • Think through and record critical business/legal procedures related to data protection, and

  • Keep track of pivotal decisions as they are being made with your team.


OWN IT: The Ultimate Legal Toolkit for Fashion Designers
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OWN IT: The Ultimate Designer's Legal Kit


The Ultimate Speaker Legal Kit

Celebrity Endorsement Agreement for Fashion Designers
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Celebrity Endorsement Agreement Kit


The Customizable Privacy Policy Kit

File Your LLC Quick Start Service

The Structured Business Starter Kit: Templates, Checklists, and Guides to Run a More Organized Business
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The Structured Business Starter Kit


Operating / Company Agreement