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In this particular case, police were called out to the scene of an alleged result. Upon arrival they found my client and her daughter as well as the complaining witness. Witnesses to the incident provided contradicting stories, yet the police arrested my client and her daughter and charged them with reporting a false crime. 

We started thoroughly investigating the case and discovered my client's family had proof that injuries had been sustained by my client's daughter. CASE DISMISSED.

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In this case, my client was accused of threatening to kill his wife's boss. There appeared to be clear motive--the boss had just fired his wife, and they had a history of conflict. Despite the boss's story, we were able to mount a defense that revealed the boss's lack of credibility. She then refused to continue to assert her story. CASE DISMISSED.

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The client was accused of not paying rent on time. The matter was set for trial. Despite the allegations of failure to pay, the matter was settled with the client leaving with a check from the landlord. 

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