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Receive high quality, client-centered, legal representation in business and personal legal matters you can trust.

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What We Do

Navigating the complexities of the legal world is a challenge, but you don’t have to do it by yourself. Temi Siyanbade helps real people find real solutions with professional legal services in two practice areas: business law and criminal law. Explore the specific legal services we provide to our clients below.


Our Fees

You shouldn’t let excessive, unpredictable fees and rigid billing stop you from avoiding more expensive risks and finding the legal help you need . Explore our clear and predictable fees coupled with flexible payment structures.

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When it comes to our fees, we don't hide the ball. 

We understand the desire to know cost up front, so we provide that information as early as possible to help you plan better. We work hard to ensure that you are able to estimate and predict your legal investment.

Flat fees

Additionally, most of our services are available for flat fees. That means that for the majority of our cases, you won't have to worry about extravagant and unpredictable hourly rates. For the few cases that do require hourly billing, we will let you know up-front and will discuss the different options available to helping you have a predictable budget.

Flexible Payment Options

Every case is different. We can not tell you how much your case will cost until after we meet with you because we don't do one size fits all services. However, once we meet with you, you will receive very clear and detailed information up-front and in detail. It's kind of like going to the doctor's office. A doctor may have an ideas as to what you need, but they don't write any prescriptions until they've been able to examine the patient. After assessing your case, we work with clients to provide reasonable payment options. As a modern law firm, built with innovation in mind, we accept credit cards, check in addition to cash. Payments can be made online.

Here’s the bottom line: we are thorough and efficient with our work so you'll know that your investment is secure.