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Temi was great in explaining and helping me understand my situation and best options moving foreword. She made me feel very comfortable and she’s very thorough and efficient with her time. I would definitely recommend her to any one in need of legal help or advice!
— N.C. from Houston
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What we do

We are a boutique law firm located in Houston, Texas

that helps individuals and small businesses solve legal problems. 

Essentially, we make things easier for you


start a Business

We help you choose and form the right type of business structure. Our guidance can help you clearly define your goals, save taxes, and organize your business for success . 

argue in court

We are not afraid to fight for your rights in trial or on appeal. We aggressively represent you before judges, juries, and opposing sides with your specific goals and wallet in mind.

draft Contracts

Whether you are just getting started or desiring to move your business to the next level, we are here to make sure that you are protected. We create custom contracts to help reduce your risk and protect your interests.

I believe in making the law clear and simple for my clients.

The reliable & trustworthy services I provide are aimed at just that. I take complex situations and concepts and make them clear, so that you can get going with your life and dreams.
— Temi O. Siyanbade
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Business Legal Services


We provide legal services to help entrepreneurs and small business owners find direction, gain clarity, and increase profits. We make sure that our clients are on the right path to avoid legal problems and grow. In the event that legal problems do rise up, we provide solutions to help get business back on track.

We help small businesses and entrepreneurs :

  • Register Your Business or Start-up
  • Strategic Counseling Sessions
  • Contract Drafting & Review
  • Lease Reviews
  • Create Non-Profit Organizations or Social Enterprises
  • Litigate Business Disputes
  • Provide ongoing support

Personal Legal Services


Sometimes life isn't easy. Sometimes you make mistakes. We know that when personal issues arise, it can be difficult to pursue business goals and achieve the amount of success you are capable of achieving. As a result, we are dedicated to helping you get justice. You can

We help individuals:

  • Evaluate criminal cases
  • Clear records
  • Obtain Orders of Non-Disclosure
  • Defend DWI case
  • Fight assault charges
  • Argue in criminal trials
  • Appeal criminal cases


YOu can run a business you love, get answers to your questions, and protect your money

 without being overwhelmed by the legal details.


Houston Office

7324 Southwest freeway, Suite 1437

Houston, TX 77074