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The Standby Attorney Program is a monthly subscription service designed to help entrepreneurs, startups, and small business owners run their businesses with confidence knowing that an experienced attorney is on their side.


  • Answers to your questions about what you can do, what you can't do, and what you should do according to the law
  • Customized contracts and legal documents created by someone who knows your business and has an ongoing relationship with you
  • Quick access to an experienced attorney when you need someone to check and explain contracts in order to make sure you're not getting scammed
  • Advice on how to increase profits and decrease expenses--without sacrificing the essence of your business
  • Tips on everything from taxes to marketing
  • And so much more...

frequently asked questions

How does the Standby attorney program work?

Basically, you pay a monthly fee to have access to an experienced attorney that is also working on specific documents based on your current need as a business owner. The work that is completed for you is determined by the results of your legal check-up, and the access is for questions that come up in the everyday aspects of running a business.


Why would I need ongoing legal support or an attorney on standby?

With google at your finger tips and documents available  with just one search, it's easy to think that an attorney is just a waste of your hard-earned money. But the truth is google can't replace the value of having a lawyer on your side. Here are a few reasons why hiring a lawyer on standby is worth every penny.

  1. With this program, you are able to ask specific questions and get specific answers--not answers from people you don't know who don't know you.
  2. Google can't read over the contracts and agreements you come across and provide you clear explanations about what you may or might not be signing. Lease reviews alone have the potential to save you thousands of dollars.
  3. You have other things to do besides staying up late at night to research some of these issues an experienced attorney has been trained to do. Even if I don't have the answer, I have access to resources you probably do not even know about. Your time is better spent focused on your business. 
  4.  Prevention is better than cure.  Business lawyers are essential personnel that are able to assist your business on almost every single front. They can help you strategically set your business up to prevent crazy, unnecessary legal disputes and protect your profits. Hiring an attorney to fix a mistake takes up a lot more time and money than hiring an attorney to prevent one.

If you are serious about running your business and establishing yourself in your industry, the real question is why wouldn't you have an attorney on standby.  business and brand, your need for legal assistance is inevitable. The question is, do you want to hire an attorney to fix the mess or prevent it? The choice is yours.


How quickly will you respond to me?

As a Standby Attorney Client, you receive priority treatment. As a result, all phone calls and emails will receive a response within one business day. If the specific question cannot be answered in that time frame, I will still contact you with my initial thoughts and make arrangements with you regarding when specific information will be given to you. Complex matters requiring extensive research like industry specific information may extend beyond the scope of the work in the package. However, if that is the case, that will be made known to you and you'll receive additional savings on that work.


What types of contracts and documents do you work on?

This list is not by any means exclusive, but for starters I prepare and review company bylaws, employment agreements, independent contractor agreements, non-competes, buy-sell agreements, operating agreements, confidentiality agreements, and much more. 


do you do any intellectual property work?

Yes I do. I can help you with copyright filings, trademark filings, and trade secret protections. I can also help you explore ways to create more intellectual property and increase its value to you.


What if I don't know what type of legal help I need?

No problem. Our first step with every Standby Attorney client is a legal check-up. This is just like a physical but a legal one where I sit down with the business owners and ask questions about contracts, formations, record keeping, and other important legal issues. During this time, I also evaluate the state of the business as a whole with regards to pricing, marketing,  and innovation. The specifics of your Standby Attorney package are based on the results of your check-up. That's how everyone makes sure that the time and money is spent on what you really need. 

 Whether your brand new to running your own business or ready to move your existing business to next level-this program will help you increase your profits, your efficiency, and your legal protection.



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