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I’m blown away by her level of professionalism and the quality of her prompt service delivery...
I recommend that you start with Temi.
— Chichi Ukomadu, Co-Founder, Heroshe, LLC

Breaking the Mold: A Lawyer Who Cares

Clients and colleagues agree--Temi Siyanbade possesses the unique ability to match zealous advocacy with deep compassion to get her clients real results. Former clients praise her as one who "is very humble and willing to help you through the rough patches." A fellow lawyer called her "an amazingly versatile attorney. She can handle every aspect of your case from the in depth legal analysis to making human connections. She'll help you navigate your case and has helped me become a better person." 

Temi believes that the practice of law is about finding SOLUTIONS for the people. She's dedicated to not only passionately representing her clients but working towards creating establishments that protect, rather than diminish, rights. Her practice focuses on the areas of business formations and criminal defense representation, and she consistently educates the masses when it comes to understanding legal rights.



A Call to Action:  From the Classroom to the Courtroom

As a middle school English teacher in Houston, Texas, Temi recalls days when she learned that her students were practically homeless or that family members were incarcerated. One such day, a teacher described a student's home life: "There are chains on their doors. The children have to climb through the windows to get in. And to make matters worse, their father is currently doing time."

These were the days where she felt the call to action pulling her out of the classroom and into the courtrooms. She recognized that there were legal and economic establishments that had widespread impact beyond her imagination. She described one such moment here:

It was as though scales had fallen from my eyes and I could no longer remain blind. I saw humanity."

Teaching was her catalyst for action. Many of the students Temi taught were trapped in communities where the economic and social outlook was bleak. 

As a result, Temi does not practice law like everyone else. Her clients are more than a case file. They are more than businesses--more than even people accused of crimes. They are part of something much bigger. This understanding is what makes the difference. 


Not Just another lawyer

Temi is becoming a leading voice and legal advisor for individuals seeking counsel with business and personal matters. As the principal attorney of her Houston-based law firm and the creator of the ASK TEMI LIVE! show, she provides legal services to help people establish businesses, protect their names, and keep profits. She also provides mentorship to new lawyers and upcoming law students to help them find their unique voices in the legal practice. She's committed to creating a legacy where excellence in legal advocacy meets excellence in compassion.

It’s that grit and passion that motivates me to fight hard for my clients.
— Temi O. Siyanbade


Memberships, Education, and Affiliations

  • Admitted to the State Bar of Texas and the Federal Southern District of Texas Bar.

  • Member of the Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association.

  • Alumni of Gideon's Promise, a movement geared towards transforming the practice of indigent defense.

  • Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Georgia

  • Juris Doctorate from the University of Houston Law Center where I represented the school as a speaker and writer for it's moot court team and an editor for one of its highest ranked legal journals, the Houston International Journal of Law.

  • Teach for America Corps Alumni


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I’m in the business of empowering people and businesses using the law.
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Why This Firm Exists

The Law Office of Temi Siyanbade empowers, educates, and supports businesses and individuals challenging the stereotypical narrative of what it means to be great by providing high quality legal representation, innovative thinking, and dedicated, client-centered focus. Learn more about how we carry out this mission.

We help real people find real solutions.

We provide legal solutions that help people start businesses, build brands, hire people, and protect their reputations. When you work with this firm, you are more than a case file and your problems are more than a case because you and your name matter. We help real people find real solutions.

We represent you with the full understanding that we REPRESENT you. Our core values are excellence, innovation, loyalty, and compassion. These are the principles that underly everything we do.

Our core values are excellence, innovation, loyalty, and compassion.

They are the reason why we've even developed a unique three step approach to make sure our clients get solutions tailored specifically for them. Additionally, we regularly host informational seminars to make sure our clients are equipped to make better decisions. For this firm, it's not about one transaction--it's about building lives that matter for long haul. 

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