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Establish your Business, Protect your Name, and Keep your Profits

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 Protect What Matters Most


Choose and form the right type of business structure. Receive help to clearly define your goals, save taxes, and organize your business for success . 


Take your business to the next level with contracts, copyrights, and trademarks designed to help you reduce risks and protect your financial and business risks.


Fight for your rights in trial or on appeal. We aggressively represent you before judges, juries, and opposing side with your specific goals in mind.

Temi was great in explaining and helping me understand my situation and best options moving foreword. She made me feel very comfortable and she’s very thorough and efficient with her time. I would definitely recommend her to any one in need of legal help or advice!
— N.C. from Houston
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Ready to Start Your Own Business, but you don't know what to do?


Learn about the legal side to starting a business today. Download this free audio training and discover 7 simple steps to legally start your own business today. Learn More

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How to start Your Own Business Legal side
Attorney Temi worked on an case for me, and performed admirably well. She was courteous, professional, very knowledgeable, and timely. I highly recommend her.
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How can I Help?


Not sure about what to do? Start by receiving assistance in areas that pose significant risks. We provide advice, resources, and support in handling the following matters:

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Starting a Business or a Nonprofit

Discover the tools you need to legally protect yourself as a business owner and reduce taxes so that you can focus on building the actual business. Learn more →

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Operating a Website for Business

Know that your website is setup to protect and gain the trust of your audience with customized or ready-made legal documents for websites. Learn more


Protecting Your Brand and Work: Trademarks & Copyrights

Monitor and protect your business name by registering copyrights, filing trademark applications, and using nondisclosure agreements.  Learn more


Hiring People

Establish clear expectations and have legal protection to ensure that employees and staff comply with your vision for your business with our contracts. Learn more


Writing and Evaluating Contracts

Understand the risks contracts present, reduce them when possible, and show the world that you are serious about your business and name. Learn more


Negotiating Deals

Be armed with an advocate and information to make sure that you don't get duped when it comes to entering into agreements with others. Learn more


We also handle personal legal matters like criminal charges and clearing your record. Learn more→

She will do a great job for you. She was the best counsel ever to have when we were transitioning from an LLC to a Non-Profit. She explained everything in detail and was so patient with me. I will continue to patronize her services over and over again.
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GDPR: The Essential Small Business Guide is the kit you need to understand how to comply with the new regulation as a US based small business. This attorney crafted kit  is a collection of legal and business templates designed by a lawyer to help new business owners understand the new regulation and take the right steps to avoid costly fines and litigation under the new regulations.

It is the no-drama-starter kit that helps you:

  • Craft a clear and compliant privacy policy,

  • Think through and record critical business/legal procedures related to data protection, and

  • Keep track of pivotal decisions as they are being made with your team.

Do You Need More Help with GDPR?

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