Own It: Protect What You Create

Anything worth building should be worth protecting. Your brand is included in that list. Many people spend all their time, money, and energy building a brand and then leave the brand vulnerable and open to attack online and in social media. During this presentation, Temi provides practical tools, insight, and information to help participants:

  • Learn the differences between copyrights, trademarks, and patents,

  • Identify the different types of intellectual property a business may have,

  • Apply the appropriate legal protection, and

  • Discover ways to monetize "DORMANT" intellectual property.

Audience: Perfect for writers, designers, brand developers, fashion and beauty business owners, and other creative entrepreneurs.

Start Right: 8 Legal Steps for Avoid Legal Drama and Jumpstarting Your Business

Building a profitable and successful business takes hard work. There are no short cuts and it’s not always a pretty sight. Most businesses fail because their owners neglect the unsexy, behind the scenes, nitty-gritty, for the glitz and glamour of entrepreneurship. This presentation was designed to break down complicated legal and business principles, into bit-sized, manageable, and sometimes fun chunks so that you can build a business that last. Discover Insight about the biggest mistakes new entrepreneurs make and how to avoid them with:

  • Practical and immediately actionable strategies for handling the "unsexy" parts of business no one talks about but every entrepreneur faces and must overcome to be successful

  • Opportunities to network and connect with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs in the Houston area

  • Straightforward, no-nonsense answers to the question, "I'm starting (or restarting) a business. What do I need to do?"

  • Legal, accounting, and marketing strategies and systems to help your businesses thrive in uncertainty,

  • And much more!

Audience: Perfect for Entrepreneurs in any industry

Know Your Rights: What the Police Won’t Tell You

In today’s society, where unarmed minorities are killed in the streets, and black and brown people are pushed through a school to prison pipeline, knowing your rights can become a matter of life or death. In this presentation, Temi Siyanbade uses her experience as a Houston criminal defense attorney and teacher to break down the truth behind what everyone should know when interacting with police officers and navigating the criminal justice system.

Audience: Perfect for College students, minority groups, and faith-based organization

For Lawyers Only: Branding and Social Media Marketing on a Budget

Trying to build a legal practice in a city like Houston, where law students keep graduating, old lawyers refuse to retire, and student loans don’t seem to care, can feel impossible. The trick to not becoming overwhelmed is building a brand that helps you stand out in the crowd. Most lawyers, think that they have to have thousands of dollars to do this, but in this presentation, Temi shares with participants the secrets behind building a strong brand as a lawyer without breaking the bank.

Audience: Law students, Recent graduates, and Solo Practitioners

Contracts Don’t Cure Crazy: How to Make Sure Your Contracts Stick

If you are a small business owner, you are probably using contracts--contracts for leases, independent contractors, employees and other business related matters. As a business lawyer, I see the agreements that work and the ones that don't.  This interactive presentation, Temi delivers practical tools and insight to help participants enter into agreements that reduce risk and protect profits. 

Your group will learn:

  • What makes a contract legally enforceable,

  • The most common and most important provisions in every contract, and

  • The real secret to business deals that stick.

Audience: Creative entrepreneurs, Millennial in business, Minority millennial entrepreneurs, Faith-based organizations

Connected: Protect Your E-Commerce Business

Come learn what you need to know about legally running a website or app. This is for anyone with a website, app, or online business. You simply can't afford to miss this. 

  • Do you have a website for you or your business?

  • Did you know that federal law requires you to have a privacy policy--even if you don’t collect email addresses?

  • Did you also know that some of the activity you do on your site or app could be considered against the law if the right legal items are not in place?

  • Did you know that you could be sued or face charges from the FTC for breaking the law?

If you answered no, you are not alone. Most people simply launch a website or app and have no idea that there are legal implications connected to their products. With technology moving so fast and the law being so far behind, it can be hard to keep track of all the things you need to know about our connectivity and the law. 

As a result, we are bringing you this private, in-person workshop designed to help you know what to do on the legal side. Join us to:

  • Learn about the legal requirements in our mobile world,

  • Protect yourself from potential lawsuits, and

  • Establish your site or app’s credibility in a noisy world. 

Audience: Entrepreneurs, Minority Business Owners, Women Business Owners, millennial entrepreneurs

Light of The World: Faith in the Marketplace

In today’s world where darkness can seem so rampart, many are wondering, “where is the light?” Where is the civility and kindness, we expect from each other? Where is the hope? In this presentation, Temi opens up and shares about the role of faith in the marketplace and how this moment of darkness, is precisely where light’s invasive power is most seen and appreciated. Discover the practical ways to remain relevant, compassionate, and authentic in today’s world.