Every case starts with an in-depth, comprehensive assessment consultation. During this assessment, three things will happen.

  1.  We will learn about you and your specific legal needs based on the information you provide;
  2. We will answer as many of your questions as possible; and
  3. We will help you determine what your next possible steps should be.

At the end of the assessment, we will use the information gathered to create a unique case profile and a Strategic Action Report. This report will give you real practical insight regarding what you need to do for your own unique situation. After being empowered with the Strategic Action Report, we will discuss the next steps towards becoming clients of the Law Office of Temi Siyanbade.



All information and documentation that you provide to us at the initial consultation shall remain strictly confidential, whether or not you decide to retain us to provide legal services, except as is authorized by you or otherwise provided under the Texas Rules of Professional Conduct.


Limited Scope and Reliance

No attorney-client relationship is intended to be established by this consultation. This meeting is a limited scope service provide by us to help you determine whether you may want to retain us to provide legal services. At the conclusion of the consultation, there is no obligation for you to retain us, nor do we have an obligation to provide services to you, unless mutually agreed.

Because it may be impossible to fully assess the matter within the time frame allotted for the initial consultation with the information or documents that you provide at the initial consultation, you should not rely on any legal opinions provided during the initial consultation concerning any legal matter.



  1. Bring any and all documents related to your case. The more documentation you bring, the better equipped I am to assess the complexities of your case. If possible, you may even consider sending such documents in advance via email.

  2. Be honest. The ethical rules that I am bound to protect you. Whatever you tell me during this consultation is confidential regardless of whether or not you decide to hire me.

  3. Be patient. All cases are different and your case deserves careful attention and analysis. It is to your benefit to allow me the time necessary to process the information your provide. Additionally, a reality in the legal world is that the government tends to move slowly. Thus, things you would typically hope to solve quickly, may take longer than expected. As a result, timelines are merely estimates and are not always the most helpful when seeking legal representation that is individualized and client-centered.


Your Financial Investment

When it comes to our fees, we don't hide the ball. 

One of our number one questions is how much will it cost? Well it really does depend.

Every case is different. We can not tell you how much your case will cost until after we meet with you because we don't do one size fits all services. However, once we meet with you, you will receive very clear and detailed information up-front and in detail. It's kind of like going to the doctor's office. A doctor may have an ideas as to what you need, but they don't write any prescriptions until they've been able to examine the patient. 

Nevertheless, we understand the desire to know cost up front, so we provide that information as early as possible to help you plan better. Additionally, most of our services are available for flat fees. That means that for the majority of our cases, you won't have to worry about extravagant and unpredictable hourly rates. For the few cases that do require hourly billing, we will let you know up-front and will discuss the different options available to helping you have a predictable budget.

The bottom line is that we are thorough and efficient in our work so you'll know that your investment is secure.