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Protect your brand and your business.

Trademark registration services created to help you legally protect your logos, names and other business and brand marks

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Your brand is your most important asset.

As a business owner, you probably already know how important it is to have a strong brand. You want to build a successful business, so you invest in the things people will remember: your name, your logo, and your branding. You've hired a graphic designer to help you design a mark that embodies your vision. 

BUT is that really enough? Probably not.

Most people:

  • Believe that business registration can replace trademark protection,

  • Think that securing a domain name is enough to protect your brand,

  • Use a name (or a similar name) that another business is using,

  • Choose a name that is too generic to give you any power to stop others from stealing your business, or

  • Don't know how to use their trademarks to make even more money.

Too many creative entrepreneurs are guilty of believing at least one of these statements and end up regretting it. In some instances, it takes them receiving a cease and desist letter to make them aware. In other instances, a customer sends them an email, "is this your company too?" And in the worst cases, it's receiving the judgment against them by a federal judging ultimately telling them that the money they've earned and the business they've grown is over.

You don't want to be one of those individuals.



TOS Trademark Services

The Law Office of Temi Siyanbade offers comprehensive trademark services that protect your brand and business. Our trademark packages help you:

  • Assess the strength of your brand via your trademarks,

  • Revise or revamp your mark based on our legal advice,

  • Apply for trademark registration,

  • Oversee the progress of your application,

  • Correspond with the United States Patent and Trademark Office on your behalf,

  • Enforce your trademark rights if it becomes necessary, and

  • Determine the best way to increase the value of your marks.


Our Process

The trademark process with our firm does not have to be complicated.

  1. We receive information from you about what you the name or logo you would like to register. We use this information to do a comprehensive search beyond the USPTO and domain search in order to assess the strength of your mark and likelihood of success.

  2. We report our findings to you and advise you regarding the best course of action.

  3. We submit an application on your behalf.

  4. We respond to potential office actions that may come up. Our level of involvement at this level depends on the type of trademark services you select.

  5. We receive your registration and send you your registered trademark.

  6. We provide advice and guidance on how to use the mark to protect its strength and integrity.

The initial phase of conducting your trademark search and applying for your trademark can take from 7-14 business days, however, the entire process from consultation to registration may take 1-2 years. This is dependent on a number of factors including the type of marks being registered and the government case response time. 


What makes our services different from the other online services and attorneys?

It is not uncommon to see companies online claiming to help your register your trademark quickly for under $100. The truth is there's much more to the offers you see online. Here are a few reasons, we are the better choice.

  1. Many of these services have hidden fees that you don't discover until checkout time.

  2. The searches that most of these services provide are often not as comprehensive as our own.

  3. It is not uncommon to receive office actions (initial denials) when applying for trademark registrations. These services often don't help you when this occurs.

  4. Beyond the initial registration period, there are things that you can do to maintain your mark's strength and registration. These services do not share these tips and insights with you.

  5. Using our services gives you access to an attorney who cares about your actual business.


But what about money? How much will it cost?

We won't hide the ball. Our trademark services start at a flat fee of $699 for search and clearance. For comprehensive search and clearance and application preparation our fees start at $1499 not including the filing fees associated with your mark. Those additional fees range from $225-$425 depending on the type and number of classes you are applying for. When you consider the fact that most trademark litigation will require you to have hourly work done, completed at a rate of at lease $200/ hour and that it's not uncommon to see suits reach $100,000 if the businesses don't go bankrupt before the case, $999 is a small investment.

What do you have to lose? Start your trademark registration today.


Request TOS Trademark Registration Services

To begin your trademark registration, please complete the form below. After submission, we will reach out to you to review the information you have provided and move forward with obtaining your trademark. 

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